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Our sister company, Tritan Fumigation, provide fumigation services throughout Perth. Accredited by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (W2014) and Quarantine WA to provide Methyl Bromide treatments for biosecurity risk materials entering and exiting Australia / Western Australia. Tritan Fumigation specialises in perishable fumigations for fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

Tritan Fumigation can also provide Authorised Officers for your Horticulture, Protocol and Grain export inspections. You can use our centrally located site, or we can come to you.


Navigating the murky waters of Bio-Security can be challenging. Tritan Fumigation offers consulting services, ensuring a smooth process of importing and exporting your goods.

Please visit HERE for further information on Fumigations, Authorised Officers or Bio-Security Consulting.

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